Most of us have one or another health concern. Many are looking to improve our overall health by using nutritional supplements.

In recent years nutritional supplements grew into a huge industry with over twenty billion dollars in annual sales.

There are endless varieties of over the counter vitamins and minerals.

But which ones are right for you?

Are the vitamins you are taking getting absorbed by your body?

Usually, vitamins bought in supermarkets and pharmacies are not the correct supplements that you should be taking. What’s worse, your body may not be absorbing them. And that’s why you should consult with Dr. Shapiro. We will do a computer analysis that will tell us exactly what your body is lacking.

We use revolutionary Integra Bio-Terrain System. This is a state-of-the-art testing system which provides an objective analysis of an individuals nutritional and biochemical status in several key areas. With this system, nutritional supplements and dietary recommendations can by objectively targeted for faster and more effective results, saving time and money.

This system provides us with a reliable picture of the nutritional and biological map of your body. The Integra Bio-Terrain system is so unique because it is a collection of over 15 important test specially selected to reveal the imbalances and problems in your body.

These tests will reveal more about your overall health then a blood test ever could. Once we have the information we need, Dr. Shapiro will help you to correct the imbalances and improve your health.