At his upstate retreat Dr. Shapiro teaches incredibly beneficial

Chinese Chigong - the Art of Longevity

“Chi” means vital energy, life force.

“Gong” means art, discipline, manipulation, study, exercises.

“Chigong” ("chi kung"/ “ki kung” / “Qigong”) means combining “Chi” and “Gong”. Combined words mean manipulation of vital energy'.

The workshop of Basic Healing Program is held on Saturday and Sunday. It is an ongoing practice and it takes many years to learn it fully. But even in a relatively short time – in a few months, few weeks, or even just one session one can learn enough to get beneficial health effects. They can be learned quickly and, Requirements are few: One must have an open mind, positive attitude and should take his studies seriously.

Chigong is essentially meditation in motion Chigong is a combination of movement, self-massage, meditation, and breathing aimed at cultivating and balancing body's energy vital energy ("qi").

Chigong is Safe and Effective

It is good for those who are not getting enough cardiovascular exercise because of injuries.It teaches mind focus, breathing technique and body movements The goal is to have a peaceful mind and relaxed body.

By feeling and moving vital "Chi" energy through the body, you can improve your general health and spiritual power.

With strong chi you’ll maintain good health and will be less likely to develop health problems.

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